Welcome to Sandstone Township

Sandstone Township is one of 33 townships in Pine County. It surrounds the city of Sandstone and is divided north to south by the Kettle River. Interstate 35 also runs north to south through the township. State Highway 123 and Highway 61 also bring visitors and residents to the area.

Sandstone Township Supervisors


Seat C

Chairman Jon Dorau

Term: March 2019 -  March 2022


SStwp gary h.jpg

Seat A

Supervisor Gary Hinsch

Term: March 2020 - March 2023

Zoning Supervisor



Seat B

Linda Thomson

Term: March 2021 - March 2024


Sandstone Township Staff

Treasurer Cookie Hansen



Clerk Ailene Croup



Grader operators

- Tom Colsrud

- Gene Kroschel

- Keith Carlson

Planning Committee

- Skip Thomson

- John Pitts

- Chris Nathan

- Don Eaton

- Maury Peterson

- Barry Burch, alt.


Pine County's Beacon site will provide information about properties in the township.

Pine County, MN website


Thanks for serving

Keith Carlson (left) served on the Sandstone Township Board from 2009 to 2021. Chairman Jon Dorau (right) and Supervisor Gary Hinsch (center) presented a certificate of achievement to Carlson for his 12 years of service to the township.


Sandstone Township Board will attend the city of Sandstone's regular meeting on Jan. 19, 2022, 6:30 p.m., at Sandstone City Hall.

Sandstone Township is attempting to hammer out a fire contract

Townships are known as grassroots government. Their residents determine how much their taxes will be. It’s up to the township board to be good stewards of that money and spend it accordingly, with every attempt to see into the next year’s needs. Only the township’s residents can raise the levy.
A city’s levy is set by the city council.
At the annual township meetings in March, all 1,790 townships in the state of Minnesota are told by their electors (residents) how much they can levy (tax) for the next year.
Sandstone Township Board has been trying to get a handle on the ever-growing increases in the city of Sandstone’s yearly fire service bill. The township was charged approximately $14,000 in 2019 and $31,000 in 2021 for fire service from the city.
The townships get some extra dollars from the county from timber sales and tax forfeited properties that sell. But, last year, the commissioners approved keeping more of that in the county’s coffers.
Those dollars help the townships to build a reserve for unseen emergencies like the floods in 2016.
The township’s electors only increased the levy in 2021 by $10,000 and had increased expenses of $26,000 which included the new grader payment and the $13,000 increase in fire service costs. They had an additional unforeseen cost Of $14,200 to extend the grader warranty in case of a serious breakdown.
The township has averaged three fires per year over the past eight years. They have offered the city of Sandstone $20,000 a year for three years with a consumer price index increase on the third year. They also gave the city a choice of $10,000 per year plus $2,000 per fire with the total not to exceed $24,000.
The township board is trying to extend the contract over a 3-year period so they can build reserves after the 40 percent increase in the fire formula depleted existing reserves.
Sandstone Township Board should be commended for their patience and perseverance. They do something unknown in most municipal governments. They have a quarterly budget review to keep constant track of expenses.
I’m not a resident of Sandstone Township. I’m their clerk. Having covered municipal government, for many years, as a newspaper reporter, ill say the Sandstone Township Board is something to watch and admire.
For those who want to be involved in their township’s government, March 8, 2022 is the day to be heard and give input on what your township taxes will be in 2023.
Ailene Croup

Nathan Nelson

District 11 B Representative

Nathan Nelson was elected Representative for District 11B which represents Pine and Kanabec County. His contact information:

Rep. Nathan Nelson (R) District !!B

393 State Office Building

St. Paul, MN 55155



Sandstone Township residents who wish to attend board meetings but would like to have the meeting teleconferenced, due to COVID, may contact the clerk who will set up a teleconference with information to join the meeting.

To have the meeting teleconferenced, call 320-420-1640 at least two days prior to the monthly meeting.

Regular board meetings are held the first Thursday of the month at the North Pine Government Center at 7 p.m.

Sandstone Township Roads


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03 Jan.

The Sandstone Township Board will hold a special meeting at 7 p.m., at Pine County Government Center in Sandstone, MN.

06 Jan.

The Sandstone Township Board will hold its regular meeting at 7 p.m., at Pine County Government Center in Sandstone, MN.

13 Jan.

The Sandstone Township Planning Committee Meeting, at  6 p.m., at North Pine Government Center


Monthly Sandstone Township Board meetings are held the first Thursday of the month at North Pine Government Center (NPGC) 1610 Hwy. 23 N., Sandstone, MN 55072. The bulletin board is outside Sandstone Twp. town hall 44055 Poplar Road where notices are posted. They may also be found posted at Chris' Foods.

The Sandstone Township Planning Committee meets on the second Thursday of the month, 6 p.m., at North Pine Government Center.

​Sandstone Township's email address is:


Assessment and property value tips from the Minnesota Department of Revenue

Phone Assessor Lorri Houtsma

Your appeals can also be brought, by appointment, to the Pine County Board of Equalization.
For an appointment call 320-591-1670.

20 Jan.

The Sandstone Township Board recessed their meeting from Jan. 6 and will reconvene, at  6 p.m., Jan. 20, at North Pine Government Center to create their 2022 budget.

Mailing address:

Sandstone Township

P.O. Box 564

Sandstone, MN 55072

email address: