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Approved Sandstone Township Site Permits required before construction begins

Sandstone Township has a zoning ordinance. Before construction begins, contact the zoning supervisor Linda Thomson who will review zoning requirements and provide a site permit if one has not been printed from this website, and review the site permit when it's complete. A fee of $80 will be required when the permit is complete. Residents who begin construction before obtaining approval of a Sandstone Township site permit will be subject to fines.

Contact Supervisor Linda Thomson for a copy of Sandstone Township's Zoning Ordinance and for a site permit before you decide to build.


Pine County SSTS ordinance regulates septic systems in Sandstone Township. The county also performs septic inspections. To view the regulations and the permit, use the links below or contact the county zoning department by phone.


Please note a variance request is required for non-conforming parcels. The process begins with a call to the Zoning Supervisor.  Variances may or may not be granted by the discretion of the town board with consideration to the recommendations of the planning committee.

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