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Contact Supervisors to report hazardous road conditions.

Sandstone Township Road Review 2023

Sandstone Township Supervisors performed their annual review of the township's 33 miles of roads. It was completed the third week in April 2023.

The supervisors obtained gravel prices from different haulers and used the budget numbers to determine where resources should be spent to maintain roads. Sandstone Township's gas tax from the state was down $10,000 from the distribution the township received last year. The board will be using the gas tax and increased levy to repair damage to the roads experienced because of the April flooding. Gravel washed off the roads and culverts were damaged.

A disaster was declared because of the April flooding. The township also experienced loss of right-of-way trees during the December 2022 declared snow disaster. The township is marking trees to begin the process of removing downed and damaged trees that hang over the roads and ditches. There will be a resolution and letter to the residents about the township's intent to remove the marked trees in the right-of-way.

It is likely the township will not be reimbursed for its expenses from both cleanups until a year or more after completion of the cleanup. The township has until January 2024 to finish the trees.

The increased cost of diesel fuel will increase the cost of graveling, grading and plowing township roads.

Please give the grader space as it heads down your road and watch for dump trucks hauling gravel, the grader reclaiming gravel and maintenance working in the ditches to mark and remove trees.

Thank your township board for their willingness to manage your township and keep roads in safe travel condition.

2 little sand creek 4.21.23.jpg

Little Sand Creek Road is just one of several roads in Sandstone Township that were damaged by the April 2023 flooding.

photos this page provided by Jon Dorau, Linda Thomson and Ailene Croup.

1 nurses at govt road 4.21_edited.jpg
3 government road_edited.jpg

Above left: Nurses Road. Above right: Government Road. Both Roads experienced flooding and washouts in April 2023.

Thanks to the supervisors and grader operators who continue to work hard to keep your township roads graded, plowed and safe for travel.

Tractor Detail

April 21, 2023 

Sandstone Township grader operators and contractors will be "reclaiming" gravel from the ditches this year. Each year the Sandstone Township adds tens of thousands of dollars' worth of gravel to the township's roads. Where does it go?? Into the ditches. The township hired a reclaimer to bring that gravel back up from the ditches. Drivers may wonder why there are sod and weed clumps on the roads. They come up with the gravel and in time they will break up. In the meantime, the nearly $100,000 that has been spent on gravel in the last two years will be reclaimed and spread back over the township's roads. Be patient and drive slowly as the sod clumps dry and break up. The town board is working hard to spend your money wisely.

Gas tax distribution from the State of Minnesota from 2022 for 2023 for all townships in Pine County.

Sandstone Township Map-1.jpg
Sandstone Township Map-2.jpg
Traffic Cone
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