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Contact Supervisors to report hazardous road conditions.

Sandstone Township Road Review 2022

Sandstone Township Supervisors, Gary Hinsch, Linda Thomson and Jon Dorau performed their annual review of the township's 33 miles of roads. It was completed the third week in April 2022.

The supervisors obtained gravel prices from different haulers and used the budget numbers and increased gas tax dollars to determine where resources should be spent to maintain roads. The state of Minnesota increased the gas tax distribution to townships, in 2022. The additional money will be used to cover increased fuel costs for the grader and increased gravel hauler costs.

In 2021, Pine County Board voted to keep 10 percent more of the timber sales and tax forfeited land sales, decreasing the township's portion by 10 percent. This puts more burden on the local township levy to cover the loss.

The board has been working diligently and thoughtfully to cut expenses where they can and still maintain township roads.

The increased cost of diesel fuel will increase the cost of graveling, grading and plowing township roads.

Please give the grader space as it heads down your road and watch for dump trucks hauling gravel.

Thank your township board for the time they take to manage your township and keep roads in safe travel condition.


Thanks to the supervisors and grader operators who continue to work hard to keep your township roads graded, plowed and safe for travel.

4.16.19 dupuis rd2.jpg
4.16.19 dupuis rd1.jpg

Dupuis Road closed to through traffic in 2019

dupuis road2.jpg
dupuis road3.jpg
dupuis road4.jpg
dupuis rd.jpg

photos by Gary Hinsch

Above: Washout around the frozen culvert on the north end of Dupuis Road. Below: Eaton Lane is closed until the spring thaw is complete.

eaton lane.jpg
Tractor Detail

May 31, 2021

Sandstone Township received it 2021 gas tax distribution from the State of Minnesota. It is based on gas tax collected by the State in 2020. This year the township received $21,587.66, $23,527.24 in 2020 and $22,554.63 in 2019.  From 2020 to 2021 the decrease is nearly $2,000. Additionally, 40 percent of the township's levy is for roads repair and maintenance.

In 2021, gravel prices have increased and the township can expect to pay $159 to $165 per dump truck load of gravel. The township purchased the grader they were leasing with a 5-year bond which accounts for one-fifth of the levy. Roads are the biggest expense and responsibility for the town board.

Gas tax is distributed according to the number of road miles in the township and number of residents.

Sen. Jason Rarick told the townships at the bi-annual Pine County Township Association meeting in March of 2019 that Minnesota township roads account for 40 percent of the roads in the state and townships only receive 5 percent of the gas tax funds.

Sandstone Township uses these funds to gravel, grade, plow, install culverts, mow, cut brush and remove beaver. Gas tax distribution from the State of Minnesota for 2021 for all townships in Pine County.

Sandstone Township Map-1.jpg
Sandstone Township Map-2.jpg
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